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For fans of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Turnstile, Weezer

This our very first single, "RUINED". It comes out 9/24/2022. It's about a hellish lover you just can't shake. Bass and drums were recorded at the Same Sky Productions studio in East Austin. Guitars, vocals, and synths were recorded in closets and bedrooms around Texas. Produced by Justin Mauriello. Mixed by Jason Livermore (Blasting Room Studios)


From the shadowy corners of Austin, Texas comes a raucous new five-piece rock outfit called KNETX (pronounced kinetics). Comprised of five friends from the Austin underground rock scene - Scott Blanco (lead guitar), Chris Brockett (bass), Alec Cabrera (drums), Clay Lowe (keys/synth) and Mike Kiddoo at the helm (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) - the group awakens the spirit of 90s alternative with their own modern skew. After their debut performance in February 2022, the group is plotting their next public eruptions. All the while, they sneak around central Texas, recording their debut EP in the hidden cracks of the city walls.
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